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Coil Cable


YOUNGSU Electronics has been dedicated to manufacturing coil cable for decades.
We proudly present to you our excellent coil cable of all sizes.
Since its establishment in the year of 1985, we have been succesfully supplying coil cable to dozens of clients.

Please feel free to contact YOUNGSU Electronics if you are looking for reliable cable/code manufacturer.
Whatever requirement you ask for, we will bring it to you with great satisfaction and top-notch quality.


Please see images below for better understandings.

#1 Coil Cable
Conductor : 1.5 sqr / 0.16 x 75
Insulation : 3Φ / 2C(Polyurethene PUR)
Coil Length : 1M
Coil External Diameter : 19Φ

* customization is possible as per customer's request.


Manufactured and developed coil cable in 1985 & development and production and supplying.
Set the manufacturing lines and produced PVC Cable in 1992.
Manufactured and developed urethane(Pu) in 1993.
Manufactured and developed synthetic rubber in 2001.

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Coil Cord

Coil Code

Coil Code